Websites that harbour disruptive, shocking or malicious adverts will appear less frequently on users news feeds, Facebook has said.Facebook于日前回应,用户新的的消息流中“破坏性的、骇人听闻的、蓄意的”网站广告数将不会有所增加。The social network is tweaking the algorithm that picks posts for feeds to do a better job of spotting low quality web pages. Instead, the algorithm will seek out more informative posts.该社交网站正在调整为消息流挑选出帖子的算法,以更佳的检测出有“劣质”网页。取而代之的是,该算法将找到更加有“营养的”帖子。


It said the change was part of broader work it was doing to make Facebook less profitable for spammers.Facebook方面回应,这一改良是意图让垃圾邮件发送者无法从Facebook中赚的项目的一部分。The change was aimed at sites that contained little substantive content and were set up only to profit from users attention, it said.Facebook称之为,此次调整的目标是只包括“少量实质性内容”和只为从用户的注目中牟利的网站。Users had told it they were disappointed when they clicked on links that seemed to point to a news site but instead put them on a page built largely around adverts, Facebook said.Facebook方面回应,有用户对系统,当点进一个看起来像新闻网页的链接、却入了一个有很多广告的页面时,他们很“沮丧”。

And these included pages with intrusive pop-up or interstitial ads, or that used pornographic pictures for dating sites or shocking images for treatments that purported to tackle many different ailments.这些网站有烦人的弹窗或插播广告,或用于色情图片为约会网站配图,或用滑稽的图片展出解决问题各种疾病的疗法。Facebook said its analysis of hundreds of thousands of web pages helped it to identify those run by spammers.Facebook认为,他们对成千上万网页的分析,不会协助他们辨识这些由垃圾邮件发送者运营的网站。

The updated algorithm would be rolled out across its many territories over the next few months.接下来的几个月,升级的算法将相继指定各个运营区。



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